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     Raccogliamo in questo archivio e mettiamo a disposizione in download programmi freeware e shareware che offrono strumenti utili di analisi per ottimizzazione e posizionamento sui motori di ricerca.

Keywords extractor

- Have you ever wondered why some website end up higher on search engine results than others? Now there's a new tool to add to your search engine analysis - AnalogX Keyword Extractor! AnalogX Keyword Extractor (KeyEx) extracts all of the keywords off of a webpage, and then sorts and indexes them based off of their usage and position. Once indexed, you can adjust search-engine specific weighting factors and keyword criteria to get the best possible view of how a search engine sees your site. KeyEx can load up both local files as well as files off other websites, and even can work through a proxy, and can have separate configurations for as many search engines as you'd like to enter!.

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