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:: Una tag per combattere il comment spam nei Blogs

     Google, MSN, Six Apart and Yahoo plan to support an HTML tag to keep comment-spam postings out of search engines.

     The Internet's leading search engines and a major Weblog tool vendor are joining together to fight the onslaught of spam in the comment sections of blogs.

     Google Inc., Microsoft Corp.'s MSN division, Yahoo Inc. and Six Apart Ltd. announced late Tuesday that they are supporting a tag called "nofollow" to exclude links in blog comments from search-engine crawlers and to prevent spam posts from influencing search rankings.

     Comment spam occurs when spammers attempt to dump Web site links into the comment sections of blogs. The spammers often use automated bots with the goal of trying to game search engines by increasing their link popularity. Incoming and outgoing links are a major factor in determining where a site ranks in search results.

     The "nofollow" tag is already a part of HTML, but Google suggested using it as a way for blogs to tell search-engine spiders to ignore hyperlinks appearing within comment sections, trackbacks and referrer lists, said Anil Dash, vice president of Six Apart's professional network.

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